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Open Data

The internet has changed th​​​​e way we access, use, and share information. As a public sector body which makes laws for Wales and looks at the work of the Welsh Government, we produce a lot of information. T​his includes some datasets which are provided as open data. Making our work transparent and accountable are key priorities for the National Assembly for Wales. We are opening up our content, because it is your content.

What data is currently available?

The following datasets are currently available for re-use under the Open Government Licence. For further information on licencing please read about Re-using public sector information.

In many places, we use XML (eXtensible Markup Language) to ensure that the information that we publish is open, transparent and not in a proprietary format. In computing terms, XML is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. XML was designed to make information sharing and data interpretation easier. Fundamentally, it helps different people, computers and systems understand each other on a digital platform. For further information on how to use XML please visit




The Record of Proceedings (Plenary) XML library:

Here you can download and view the official Record of the National Assembly for Wales Plenary meetings in XML format.

For further information on XML please visit

​Legislation XML LIbraryHere you can download legislation related data (Bills, Acts, Marshalled lists) in Crown XML format​
Further guidance on Crown XML

Meeting information​Information on meetings of Assembly Committees and Plenary. Data includes attendee, location and timings, Agenda and Minute text and links to relevant documents in XML Format.
This library also contains information on Assembly Members and their Constituencies in XML Format
Guidance on our Meeting information

​Calendar and Events information​Access events in the Assembly Calendar with parametered options for date and type of event. Available as XML or JSON
It is also possible to subscribe to individual Calendars in iCal or vCal format from their webpages
Assistance on using our Calendar info


​Legislation RSS Feed​An RSS Feed containing the current stage of all Assembly Bills​​​

Other Business RSS FeedsA variety of other RSS feeds relating to Assembly business are available. See the full range on our RSS explainer page​​

We are interested in what you think as we work towards opening up more data in the future. Please contact us at / 0300 200 6565 with any feedback you have.


Further information

We publish a huge amount of information including details of Committee meetings, data from previous sittings of the Assembly before 2011 and our annual reports. Please visit the Our Information page for details​

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