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All open e-petitions are listed in the following table. You can read more information about a petition by clicking on its title.


Please note:

  • Since petitions are public documents your name will be available for inspection on the e-petitions website and may be searchable by internet search engines.
  • For security reasons, an e-mail address can only be used once when signing a single petition.
  • Multiple people cannot use the same e-mail address.
If this causes any inconvenience, or you require any further information, please contact us using the following details:


List of open e-Petitions:

Petition title Petition raised by Can be signed until Signatures
Immediate embargo on new dog breeding licences, licence renewals and planning applications until regulations are fit for purpose and enforceable C.A.R.I.A.D. 31/01/2020 1664
All Carers Centres in Wales to take Control of all stages of Carers Assessments Richard Mylan 04/02/2020 11
Reduce cancelled operations Claire-Louise Walker 04/02/2020 98
Biodiversity Remit for NRW Initiative for Nature Conservation Cymru (INCC) 14/02/2020 824
The Golden Hour when Suffering a Stroke - Ambulance Response Times to be recategorised from Amber back to Red Status Ralph Rees 20/02/2020 61
Allow mayors in Wales to be directly elected by the people and not the council Connor David Jones 27/02/2020 14
We call on the Welsh Government to take urgent action to secure improvements to the A487 between Gellilydan and Maentwrog Carron Jones 28/02/2020 2589
Reverse the cuts to commuter train services in North East Wales Dr Mihela Erjavec 29/02/2020 295
Income Tax Review Paul King 29/02/2020 3
Push forward high school's start time to 10:30 Oliver Brownnutt 29/02/2020 2
The Climate Emergency and a National Forest for Wales Coed Cadw - The Woodland Trust in Wales 02/03/2020 3756
Make EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) £50 a week instead of £30 Lucy Evans 06/03/2020 9
Regulate solar panel installations Mr G King 12/03/2020 0
Make GP letters for Students gratis William Bremner 14/03/2020 21
CF3 against the Incinerator Andrew Evans 20/03/2020 2140
Land of Our Children: Youth Voices in Wales Andrew Jenkins 20/03/2020 8
Agriculture and Countryside Education for 4-16-year olds in our schools. Osian Hedd Harries 23/03/2020 79
Impose a legal limit on the maximum number of breeding bitches in licensed dog breeding establishments in Wales. Dinah Mulholland 31/03/2020 208
Revert to Welsh language spelling of place-names Jonathan Parsons 31/03/2020 1019
Ban Single Use Plastic Milk Bottles in schools St Aidan's Church in Wales VA School 10/04/2020 325
Lower the age for breast cancer screening in Wales from 50 to 30 Rachel Candy 08/05/2020 47
Push the government into introducing a separate ward other than maternity ward, for families going through a miscarriage Peter Leigh-Robinson 11/05/2020 26
REVERSE Minimum price Alcohol RAYMOND mainwaring 18/05/2020 9
Cymraeg i Blant groups for Chepstow and Caldicot Katie Banwell 27/05/2020 23
Flood plains Sian Delaney 02/06/2020 5
Preventive measures on wireless devices in nurseries and primary schools Camilla Watts 07/06/2020 1
Create a recall mechanism for AMs Wilson Owen 03/07/2020 3
We call on the Welsh Government to create a common body of knowledge about Welsh history that all pupils will learn Elfed Wyn Jones 18/07/2020 1617
All Food Establishments by Law should have a Variety of Gluten Free Products Brendan Roberts 19/07/2020 3

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