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​Assembly business search

Advanced Assembly Committee business search.


Promoted by the National Assembly for Wales Commission, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1NA.


You can use this search to look through all documents relating to Plenary or any Plenary-related business. For help with how to use this search (including a brief description of all available categories) please visit the search guidance page.


Laid Documents key: CR – Committee Report; GEN - General; LCM – Legislative Consent Motion; SICM – Statutory Instrument Consent Motion; PRI – Primary Legislation; SUB – Subordinate Legislation; AGR – Auditor General Reports; LCO – Legislative Competence Orders. 




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OPIN-2011-0103 - Parkinson’s Awareness Week Statements of Opinion6451263KB28/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0101 - Human Trafficking Statements of Opinion6451263KB23/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0102 - Japanese Earthquake and Lessons for Nuclear Power Statements of Opinion6451263KB23/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0099 - Recognising World Social Work Day Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0100 - Advocacy Counts 3 Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0098 - Quality Food in Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB08/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0097 - International Women’s Day 2011 Statements of Opinion6451263KB04/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0096 - The Future of S4C Statements of Opinion6451263KB01/03/2011
OPIN-2011-0095 - Fairtrade Fortnight Statements of Opinion6451263KB28/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0094 - Eating Disorders Awareness Week Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0092 – Support No Smoking Day 2011 Statements of Opinion6451263KB14/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0093 – Cardiff Driving Standards Agency Closure Statements of Opinion6451263KB14/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0091 - UK Government's Consultation on Disability Living Allowance Reform Statements of Opinion6553664KB11/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0088 - The Life we Choose: Shaping Autism Services in Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB02/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0089 - Supporting Cut the Carbon Statements of Opinion6451263KB01/02/2011
OPIN-2011-0090 – Money Guidance Cymru Statements of Opinion6451263KB01/02/2011
OPIN-2010-0087 - HM Coastguard - Swansea Statements of Opinion6451263KB31/01/2011
OPIN-2011-0086 - Missing People's Missing Rights Statements of Opinion6451263KB28/01/2011
OPIN-2011-0085 – Launch of The Royal British Legion's Manifesto for Wales 2011 Statements of Opinion6451263KB19/01/2011
OPIN-2011-0084 - Wales' opposition to DLA reform Statements of Opinion6451263KB18/01/2011
OPIN-2011-0083 - The Future of Theatre in Education in Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB13/01/2011
OPIN-2011-0082 - HM Coastguard Statements of Opinion6451263KB10/01/2011
OPIN-2010-0081 – Neuromuscular services in north Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB01/12/2010
OPIN-2010-0080 - Supporting Peaceful Student Protests Statements of Opinion6451263KB29/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0079 - New Zealand Mining Disaster Statements of Opinion6451263KB24/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0078 – Children in Need 2010 Statements of Opinion6451263KB22/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0077 - Recognition of the importance of the arts to life in Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB18/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0075 - Welcomes the Royal Engagement Statements of Opinion6451263KB17/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0076 - Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton Statements of Opinion6451263KB17/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0074 - Cut VAT Statements of Opinion6451263KB16/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0072 - World COPD Day - 17.11.2010 Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0073 - Release of Aung San Suu Kyi Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0069 - The implications of health ring-fencing Statements of Opinion6451263KB11/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0070 – Swansea University's Modern Languages Department Statements of Opinion6451263KB11/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0071 - Class 158 Refurbishment Statements of Opinion6451263KB11/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0068 - National Defence Medal Statements of Opinion6451263KB10/11/2010
OPIN-2010-0067 – Women’s Institute and Oxfam ‘Mums Matter’ campaign Statements of Opinion6553664KB26/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0065 - Consumer Focus Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB20/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0066 - Credit Union Day 2010 Statements of Opinion6451263KB20/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0064 - Wear it Pink 2010 Statements of Opinion6451263KB19/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0062 - Royal Mint Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0063 - Congratulating Wales’ efforts at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Statements of Opinion6451263KB15/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0061 - PneumoAware Wales Statements of Opinion6451263KB14/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0059 - 500th UK Fairtrade Town Statements of Opinion6451263KB13/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0060 – Fair Spending for Disabled People Statements of Opinion6451263KB13/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0057 - Newport Passport Office Statements of Opinion6451263KB11/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0058 - International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Statements of Opinion6451263KB11/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0055 - Ending Elder Abuse Statements of Opinion6451263KB07/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0052 - Anti-Slavery Day Statements of Opinion6451263KB06/10/2010
OPIN-2010-0053 - Congratulates Celtic Manor, Newport on its hosting of the Ryder Cup Statements of Opinion6451263KB06/10/2010

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