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Changing the Name of the National Assembly for Wales

The Senedd and Elections Bill will change the name of the Assembly to Senedd.


Changing the Name of the Assembly

In July 2016, Assembly Members agreed unanimously that the name of the Assembly should reflect its constitutional status as a national parliament.

Today's Assembly is a very different institution to the one established in 1999. Then, it had no primary law-making powers and was not formally separated from the Welsh Government; now, it has responsibility for making laws and holding the Welsh Government to account in some of the areas which have the greatest impact on people's lives.

The Assembly Commission consulted the public between 8 December 2016 and 3 March 2017.

The consultation showed that 61% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the Assembly should change its name. The Assembly Commission agreed to introduce a Bill to change the name along with other proposals.

The Bill proposes the name Senedd, and that Members will be referred to as Aelodau’r Senedd / Members of the Senedd.

Senedd is widely used and recognised in Wales to denote the home of Welsh democracy. It belongs to an international family of names such as Senate and Seanad used to describe national legislatures.

The Bill also provides that the Senedd may also be known as the Welsh Parliament to assist those not familiar with the Welsh word and to explain the constitutional status of the institution.

Using a name which already has resonance in Wales will help build public recognition and understanding of the work of our national parliament as distinct to that of the Welsh Government. Senedd also reflects the strong commitment to the Welsh language and follows the successful example of the Dáil, which is widely used and understood in Ireland and beyond.


Assembly reform programme

The National Assembly for Wales Commission has announced plans to take forward key elements of its programme to reform Wales’ parliament.  

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Name change consultation report

In total, we received 2,821 survey responses from people of all ages, from across Wales.

Analysis of consultation results (PDF, 5.35MB)

Creating a Parliament for Wales

Read the consultation document for more information.

Consultation document (PDF, 4.35MB)

Electoral reform

The Llywydd established an Expert Panel to provide robust, politically impartial advice on the future capacity of the Assembly. It reported in December 2017.

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